Wild Food Safety & Resourses


Although wild foods can be delicious there are many plants and mushrooms out there that can be harmful and even potentially fatal. When trying something new it is essential that you are 100% confident that you have positively identified the plant or mushroom correctly and that it is in fact edible. It is thought that our  Homo sapien ancestors would have consumed over 1000 different species of plants and mushrooms over a year and as such their bodies were exposed to a much greater variety of natural produce than modern Homo supermarketus. When trying something new it is best to test your own reaction as even though something is deemed edible you can still be allergic without knowing it. Click here to see our plant sensitivity guide for trying foods.


Sustainable harvesting

Foraging for food requires a healthy, productive environment. Appreciating natures bounty naturally leads to a deeper understanding of the environment from which foraged foods are sourced. Harvesting in a sustainable manner that is appropriate for the place will ensure that in subsequent years that any particular resource is not diminished.


Foraging and the Law

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