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Wood Fired Pizza Oven

We are very proud of our bespoke mobile wood fired pizza oven. The latest addition to our wild food catering. There’s nothing quite like the taste of an authentic wood fired pizza, crispy base with a hint of wood smoke. The mobile pizza oven is towed by our wild food wagon, meaning we can take it literally anywhere. We are available for hire for private events or you can catch us when we are out and about at open events.

Bilberry Ice Cream

Bilberry ice cream, what a brilliant creation, or as they say in Denmark, “probably the best ice cream in the world” and i’d have to say I would agree with them. With the recent heat wave the bilberries have swelled to massive proportions making their harvesting quicker and more productive than usual. This year we invested in a couple of  berry pickers, a kind of comb on a basket that speeds up the harvesting. The result has been a bumper harvest and enough berries to experiment with a few deviations from the traditional pies and jam. So this years favourite is bilberry ice cream and milkshake. If you would like the recipe click here.