Wild Food Foraging Northumberland

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Wild Food Foraging


Come and explore the Northumberland countryside through a foraging day and find out what seasonal wild foods can be found. On one of our wild food forage and feast course you will learn how to find, identify and prepare the many edible wild plants and mushrooms that Northumberland has to offer.

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Artisan Cooking Courses

Much of our wild harvest is gourmet and sort-after by top chefs. Learn how to prepare and preserve some of nature’s finest offerings into both delicious dishes and ingredients to be enjoyed all year round. Cooking courses teach how to make the most of your foraging bounty. We also teach wild game preparation for the more adventurous. Game preparation teaches you to take game from field to table.

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Creative Crafts

We offer a range of creative activities using natural materials. As part of our ethos we try to utilise every part of our harvests. Some of our activities use previously collected and processed materials such as feathers, fur and seasoned wood. However it is amazing what you can find out in the wild and craft into useful or decorative pieces. Many of our creative days are themed around the seasonal calendar.

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven Catering

Northern Wilds Wood-Fired Pizzas provide a truly unique and quirky menu and presence at your event. As well as traditional pizza toppings we also offer a range of Northumbrian Wild Food ingredients and creative artisan delicacies; ranging from rabbit, lacto-fermented wild garlic leaf, seasonal wild mushrooms to lemon and chilli peppered smoked salmon.

We can cater large events in any location – we have a purpose built kitchen run on solar & wood in a ex-military truck we converted ourselves and a large bespoke pizza oven we had made to accompany the truck.

Our business was borne from our love of wild / good food; we make a lot of our own ingredients from foraged produce to home-reared rare breed pork (sausages & pulled). We understand the importance of sharing good food at communal events and will do all we can to offer people a distinctive and delicious experience.

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